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Become a Family Member...A part of the Alberta Over-Proofed "Moonshine Movement"!!

We attended our 1st Food and Beverage Expo back on January 20, 2024. What a great time we had!! We haven't heard of any stat's from the Expo yet...but we do know that with the support we had and the interest in our first Alberta available product "Roberson's Mellowmoon Fine Tennessee Sippin' Shine". If this event was any kind of a sign as to where we are going to be and the acceptance of those who love the Moonshine Industry....We Know, We are RIGHT ON PAGE!!!

In the short future...we are looking to add more Great Appalachian Heritage Moonshines and grow our list of available products very quickly!

Did you know that we have already have two other Great Moonshine products registered here with the Alberta AGLC and we are looking to bring more to Alberta through the year! Our main focus is to have one Great Distillery representing Moonshine for each state that has a Foothold in the Moonshine History of the Appalachians...That's 16 States, Bringing 16 different flavors and taste of Great Heritage, coming for you to taste and try!!

ALL 50%alc./vol. or 100 Proof Products, We are setting the Standard for Quality, Taste and Heritage!

Current distilleries and their products...

#1) East Tennessee Distillery, Tennessee - Roberson's Mellowmoon Moonshine, Fine Tennessee Sippin' Shine. Available now AGLC PC#102546

#2) Louisiana Moonshine Company, Louisiana - Uncle Tom's Clear Corn Moonshine. Available February/March - AGLC PC#100884

#3) Appalachian Distillery, West Virginia - Straight Appalachian Moonshine

AGLC registered PC#892670 Watch for Up & Coming announcement.

Distilleries currently in the link and going through the process...

James Hatfield's - West Virginia, Feudshine, a legendary refinement of Hatfield's and McCoy's original family recipe that's been over 140 years in the making!!

Alliance Distilling Company - South Carolina, comes two distillers of distinction, putting what it takes together to produce a refined Moonshine Product from their own backgrounds!

Mountain Top Spirits - North Carolina, Blake and Holly Ellege are bringing their Top of the line...Apple Brandy to Alberta. Not for the weary, this high quality Moonshine Spirit brings with it a 50%alc./vol. Flavor, Smoothness that is incomparable with most others!

Alabama Homegrown Moonshine - Alabama, Owned and operated by a Trio of Master Distiller's coming right out of their home state of Alabama combining their heritage and knowledge to bring the best moonshine that state has ever seen produced.

There are more coming, We are almost half way through the Appalachian Mountain range and then some!! From New York State down through to Louisiana

We are proud to have these Great Folks bring their Moonshine Heritage and History and Knowledge to Alberta, for some, Their Heritages date back well before the Prohibition to the expansion of the New World and the Pilgrim's who first settled here on this continent in 1770!

Feel free to send us a question, show us your support or "Join" our mailing list today and stay in the know of where we are going to be appearing next! 2024 is going to be one Fantastic Year for Everyone!!!


Darren Collins

President and CEO

Alberta Over-Proofed Limited

Your Alberta Moonshine Movement Headquarters!!

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