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Medicine Hat...providing us with the Proof!!

Saturday was another event where we were provided with more proof that we are on the right track with our Appalachian Moonshines!! What an Amazing turn-pout and a Fantastic time was had by ALL!!! The Alberta Food and Beverage Festival allows us the opportunity to get to the areas of Alberta where our support is growing and the INTEREST IS THERE!!!

With one more event under our belt we are getting better and stronger and the Alberta Over-Proofed Moonshine Movement is growing!! with over 450 satisfied and convinced people that we saw at our venue...all agreeing that our Moonshine is some of the Best they have tasted!

If you are interested in finding out what others are saying...although we are not in all the Alberta Liquor Stores just yet...we are working hard on getting there and you can help us out by asking for our products directly from your favorite liquor stores.

We have 6 and 12 bottle cases ready and available for ordering by your local liquor outlet, drinking establishment and sporting event Licenced Liquor Provider.

East Tennessee Distillery, Roberson's Mellow - Fine Tennessee Sippin' Shine may be ordered by providing them with the following information....

6 Bottle Cases are available # 102546

12 Bottle Cases also available #893994

Let your choice be known...order and pick up a bottle of your Flavorite bottle of Moonshine soon!!

Drink Responsibly, Do not Drink and Drive and Enjoy Often!!!

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